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Leaders' Blind-spots affect team motivation and their performance.

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Your Actions ARE Behaviors:

  • Behaviors equal Results
    What you say and do is what others experience and observe as your behaviors which they respond to. Your behaviors trigger the responses you get. Get to know yourself NOW!
  • Behavior Intelligence doesn't just happen
    Contrary to what some people may think, Intuition and Instinct are not scientifically validated empirical data. They are just a guess, which might be right 50% of the time. Find out for sure!
  • AccuMatch Behavior Map doesn't lie
    Your team, your friends, spouse r partner might tell you what they think you want to hear. It's not exactly a lie, it's just not the truth. it might make you feel good about yourself, but it want help you improve.
  • AccuMatch certified coaches will
    They are the best of the best. These coaches are not only great coaches, they have spent months interpreting and training to be the best at delivering the facts.

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Ross is a certified Business and Executive Coach with ActionCOACH Business Coaching and brings over 50 years of business experience to his clients.  Having worked for over 35 years in the corporate world, the last 18 of which was Vice President of Operations of a $300M manufacturing business, prior to his career in coaching business owners and C-Level executives, Ross brings a firsthand understanding of the need for processes and people in an organization.  During his career, Ross has worked effectively and held key positions in many cultures including small communities in the Southern part of the United States as well as Ireland, London England, Italy and New York City.  The last 15+ years of Business and Executive Coaching has allowed Ross to further develop as an effective developer of people and organizations.

Complimenting Ross’s business experience, he is a Certified DiSC Practicioner and is a trained Engage & Grow facilitator, an international team engagement organization, where he was recognized as North American Coach of the year twice.  Ross has held many positions outside of the business world, including member of the Board of Trustees at Randolph-Macon College, sat on the Business Support Council of the Guilford Merchants Association, twice Senior Warden at St. Francis Episcopal Church, served two term on the Board of Starmount Forest Country Club, serving one term as President and held leadership roles is many other civic organizations.

Ross’s passion lies with the possibility of business success for all.  Any person in the business world can be successful if they choose to and are given the knowledge and opportunity to do so.  With his experience and expertise, he can bring clarity to your business and life…clarity with relation to where you choose your business and life to go; clarity as to actions to take to achieve these goals and clarity of who you need to “be” in order to implement these actions and achieve these goals.

Ross assists you in accomplishing success by focusing your attention on what you think, do and say, increasing your level of self-responsibility you are taking in different areas of your business and life; building your confidence in places where you currently have doubt and encouraging your unique talents and self-expression.  He firmly believes that being in business should give you more life!

The AccuMatch map is not a personality profile. It doesn't give generalized labels to describe a person. It is a scientific survey designed to expose your behaviors in the context of work.

These certified coaches are hand picked professionals who understand the importance of behavior rather than personality.

Each and every interaction you have with another person, be-it a team member, client, board execs, etc is an action you perform. It is a behavior.

Through the deepened self-awareness that only AccuMatch can give you, these actions we call behaviors are the catalysts to personal transformation.


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