Learn About Your
Behavioral Traits.

Your Life and Work Results Are The Outcomes of the behaviors you act out.

In order to change the outcome you need to change the behaviors.

to change the behaviors you need to map them first.

What we do

Let us map your unconscious behaviors.

Want to understand yourself at a much deeper level than you ever thought possible? Then this BIQ debrief with one of our specialist certified AccuMatch behavior Intelligence coaches is a must. In fact it's the only way to get the insights that will allow you to make the changes you need to transform.

Your Unconscious Mind Is Like A Computer Program.

Your Tasks.

You're programmed to respond to each situation based on past conditioning. AccuMatch exposes these.

Thinking Style.

How you approach situation has a lot to do with your thinking styles and drivers. A BIQ can show you that too.


When you wake in the morning, are you excited to start your day? Want to know why, or why not?

You Are Unique.

The Science

It's taken decades research and development and thousands of assessments to identify the top behaviors relevant to the workplace. This has been validated by experts from many faculties: Neuroscience, Psychology, PHDs, MBA, Master coaches, and many more.

Why behavior

You can get anything in life if you do nothing. Doing something or anything is in-itself a behavior. yet each and every behavior starts as a thought. The first time you do something it is a conscious thought process that creates the behavior. When you repeat it many times your brain loads this into your subconscious so you can access it much more quickly and with far less effort. These are the programs by which we identify you.

Who are you?

In essence you are as others see you. Who you are today is observed by others and this either confirm who you want to be and how you'd like others to think of you. If you want to change your image and your identity you must change your behavior, and to do that you need to change how you think.

Transform yourself

So if you want to get a different outcome at work, in your business or your life you need to change what you do - how you behave. In order to do that you need to identify the behaviors that are serving well and the ones which are not. This is what AccuMatch and our BIQ coaches will help you identify so you can hone in with laser accuracy on these.

why we do it

We’ve been there

As coaches we are inspired by the positive impact we have on people's lives. We are also disappointed when people do not get the results they want, and this usually happens when they do not make the shifts to transform. 

AccuMatch and Behavior Intelligence exposes areas that have been previously labelled as blind spots or limiting  beliefs without any specifics to support that.

We're changing that.

We're making a huge difference.

We've innovated and thousands agree.

Doing the same old thing just gets you the same old thing. Even if you slap a new brand or new look it's still the same underneath.

To innovate you often need new thinking. You need a completely different approach. Challenging the old ways to create new ones.